Soft Nail Caps For Cat Claws ILLUSION GOLD GLITTER * SMALL SIZE * Purrdy Paws Brand

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  • Stop your cats from damaging your Household Surfaces: Floors, Doors, Screens, Walls and Furniture
  • Extremely safe and non-toxic
  • Official Purrdy Paws Brand
  • Small size fits: Approximately 6-8 pounds
  • 20 Illusion Gold Glitter Nail Caps - Adhesive - Applicator Tip - Instructions

Product Description

This is a limited time color exclusive to Purrdy Paws. What is illusion glitter? These nail caps are infused with holographic gold glitter. At first sight they look like a rich 24k gold sparkle but when the light reflects off them you can see brilliant green, red, blue, yellow, and purple sparkles. These have to be seen to be appreciated.
Developed by a veterinarian, these vinyl nail caps glue on to your cats nails. This amazing product effectively blunts your cats' nails to protect against problem scratching
Each application lasts approximately 4-6 weeks until your cat naturally sheds their nail. The nail caps are extremely safe and non-toxic. Even if your cat swallows one, no harm will come. The nail cap will safely pass through the digestive system. You only need to do the front nails of your cat so this set of 20 caps will last you approx. 2 months.

Cats Size Guidelines :

Kitten Size: (Less than 6 months old)
These will fit most kittens by the time they reach the age of 16 weeks (4 months). Some kittens can wear them as early as age 12 weeks (3 months) . To test, try a nail cap on first without the adhesive. If it looks too big, don't glue it on. The nail cap should fit snugly, like a glove.

Small: (Approximately 6 months old -- Approximately 6-8 pounds)
Some kittens at 5 months may need the small size if they are growing fast or are large-breed cats.
Small-boned adult cats often wear the small size. If your cat seems smaller than an average full-grown cat, choose small.

Medium: (Approximately 9-13 pounds)
Most adult average size cats wear medium.

Large: (Approximately 14 pounds and up)
Very large-boned and large-breed cats wear large.

Each Set Includes:
20 Vinyl Nail Caps
1 Tube Adhesive
Applicator Tip

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