marsboy Dog Seat Cover for Cars Slip-proof Dog Seat Covers Hammock Fourfold Waterproof Dog Seat Covers for Leather Seats

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  • Waterproof Dog Seat Covers for Leather Seats: Waterproof and Reinforced Scratch-proof 4-layer design,Water-resistant oxford fabric, Soft cotton layer, 100% waterproof polyester, Grippy loop PVC material can offer the Most Durable seating for your pets and your car, protecting your leather seat perfectly from water, drink, spill, milk moisture etc. Retaining its shape and provides enough thick resistance against dog's nails/paws.
  • Slip-proof Dog Seat Covers Hammock: Dog Hammock style not only protects the back seat but it also protects the backs of the front seat and the center console
  • Dog Seat Cover for Cars: Grippy loop material on the back which tuck into the creases of the back seat to hold it down, Seat anchor can insert to the crevice to fasten the cover, 4 sets of adjustable plastic clips that attach around the headrest in the front and the back to fix the cover firmly, Padded oxford fabric texture appearance helps your dogs stay in place cozily.
  • Protects your Seat Perfectly: Seat belt buckles opening and Velcro closure for it can prevent dogs, pets, or humans mess up backseat leather from crumbs of cereal, snacks, fruit, dander, dirt etc.
  • Versatile BACKSEAT COVER : Acts as a fold-in CAR SEAT COVERS with the Velcro strap, suitable for not only pet, but also kids, human. Available for most cars, trucks, automotives and SUVs (approximately 54x58 inches). Not only for small medium dogs, Perfect for large breeds.

Product Description

marsboy Dog Seat Cover for Cars Slip-proof Dog Seat Covers Hammock Fourfold Waterproof Dog Seat Covers for Leather Seats

Ride with the Family
Let your dogs enjoy family trips but keep your back seat clean and spotless. The marsboy dog hammock easily unfolds and attaches to the back seat, where your pets can enjoy a great time on the way to parks, trails, and beaches. Its multi-layer, waterproof, and stain-proof construction means your vehicle stays clean and odor-free.

Rugged Protection
This rugged pet seat cover is made from 4 layers of fabrics: the thick water-resistant oxford fabric, providing a firm grip for your pet; the cotton layer to keep the cover soft. The 100% waterproof polyester, preventing any moisture, water, stains, or dirt from getting to your car seat. The final layer is a PVC non-slip soft rubber that grips to even the smoothest leather seat.

Perfect Size
Measuring approximately 54x58 inches, the marsboy dog seat cover for cars is the perfect size for most cars and family SUVs. A combination of headrest strap, seat anchor, and the non-slip layer enclose a stable area for your pet to stand or sit on when the vehicle is moving. The Velcro opening also lets seat belts come through in case anyone wants to sit at the back.

Easy to install, Easier to clean
Only takes two seconds to unbuckle to remove to shake off sand and dirt or for back seat passengers of the human variety; You can just use wet cloth wipe down, or hand wash, even vacuum it because it is so thick and won't be sucked into vacuum.

Material: Oxford Fabric
Colour: Black
Size: 54 * 58 inches
Weight: 1.98 lb
It can be used for: most cars, trucks, cars and SUV. Not only for the small to medium sized dog, suitable for large breeds. Not only for pets, and children, human

Package Content:
1 * Dog Seat Cover

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