50 Live Aquarium Plants / 12 Different Kinds – 4 Amazon Swords (3 kinds, 1-RED), Anubias, Ludwigia, Egeria and much more! Great plant sampler for 40-50 gal tanks

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  • Just like in nature, where many different species are coexisting, the most beautiful and natural looking tanks are those with different plant kinds.
  • Live aquarium plants will create more natural look in your fish tank, simultaneously providing more oxygen, biological filtration, algae control and more!
  • Great plant sampler for 40-50 gal tanks!
  • Make you new or established tank beautiful right away!

Product Description

Included in this package:

1 Anubias (Anubias lanceolata), mature plant 6-8 inches - great plant for creating a focal point in your fish tank

1 Red Amazon Sword - rare type (Echinodorus "Big Bear"), mature plant 6-8 inches - another great focal point Amazon Sword. Striking red spots!

2 Jungle Vallisneria, mature plants 20-25 in inches - great plant for background!.

1 Java Fern , mature plant 5-6 in. Java Fern is one of the most undemanding/hardy aquarium plants! Highly sought among hobbyists!

4 Limnophila aquatica , 7-8 inches - very beautiful plant with finely dissected leaves!

4 red Crypt walkeri, Cryptocoryne walkeri "Red", 3-4 inches - great foreground plant! Very shade tolerant! Beautiful red leaves!

5 stems of Egeria (Anacharis) densa, 7-8 in - excellent background plant, great supplier of oxygen!

8 stems of Bacopa monnierii 5-7 in - another great/easy plant to generate bright green backgrounds in your tank

4 stems of Narrow Leaf Hygrophila, Hygrophila salicifolia 5-8 in - very popular among aquarists

5 stems of Ludwigia repens 7-9 in - beautiful reddish leave, perfect for contrasting with green plants, fast growing

5 stems of Hygrophila lancea 5-7 in - yet another beautiful Hygrophila

10 Dwarf Saggitaria 2-3 in - excellent and highly saught foreground plant.

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