How to choose pet toys

 Pets are just like people: they need love and care, good food, clothes, cosmetics and toys. Many pet owners say that having a puppy is almost like having a baby – you get a little crying creature that loves milk and cuddling. Despite the fact that having a pet seems quite easy, that’s not really so. Inexperienced pet owners face a huge amount of questions concerning feeding, clothing, bringing up, toys etc. Actually, in this article I’m going to tell you about very important (yes-yes, they are important!) pet accessories – toys.

Those pet owners who don’ really pay much attention to what their little friends play with, can face serious problems. Low quality toys will get broken or torn apart as soon as your pet sees them. In the worst case your dog or cat can inhale small parts of a toy and choke with it. Sounds dangerous, doesn’t it? I know, I will never understand why people buy expensive and high quality toys for their kids, but don’t do the same when it comes to their pets?

Okay, let’s have a look at some rules you should follow when buying pet toys:

1. But PET toys. Tennis balls made for people will last for about 1 minute in dog’s jaws.

That’s why modern market offers a stunning variety of tennis balls (and other toys) for dogs.

2. Choose a toy that corresponds to the size of your pet. Too small toy can be swollen easily and playing with too big toys will be impossible. Usually, pet toys have age limitations. If a toy doesn’t have such label, ask a shop assistant to help you.

3. Make sure a toy is nontoxic. Also, don’t buy toys that may be broken or torn apart – you will not only waste money, but also put your pet in danger.

4. Pick up practical toys that are easy to clean and fit your pet’s teeth and gums. Besides, there are special toys that freshen up breath.

5. Find complicated toys that won’t bore your pet while you are not at home. These can be puzzles or toys that allow working for a treat (in addition, with such toys you will train your pet).

6. Choose toys that favor exercising and showing pet’s natural instincts. Frisbee, balls, ropes – anything that allows interacting with people.

7. Buy toys that correspond to your pet’s chewing habits. If your dog has tough jaws, toys must always be firm.

Remember that there is no need to buy dozens of toys at once – it will be hard for a pet to choose one and as a result, your little friend will not be interested in any toys. If you see that your pet got bored with a toy, it’s a signal to buy a new one.


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